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underfloor heating

Our underfloor heating is a water-filled system installed using the most performance effective methods for domestic and commercial buildings.  The underfloor heating pipes are installed during the construction of the floors, so it is most suitable for new build and major renovation or conversion where the floors will be totally reconstructed.  Underfloor heating has been the heating system of choice for self-builders since we started the business as Borders Underfloor Heating in 2000.

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Whether you choose to install a ground source heat pump or an air source heat pump, we install quality, proven reliable products to energy efficiently provide 100% of your heating and hot water requirements.  Heat pumps and underfloor heating are a match made in heaven because they both work efficiently at a low water temperature, and keep your fuel bills low for heating and hot water.  You may also be eligible to claim a grant and, if in Scotland, a zero percent loan from Home Energy Scotland.
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With today's high standards of insulation, making a building breathable has become vital to the health of the people who use it.  Ventilation systems provide fresh air and result in a very comfortable environment.  We install demand controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems.
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Not all solar panels are the same; solar photovoltaic panels produce electricity, and solar thermal panels produce hot water.  We install solar thermal panels which produce virtually free hot water on any sunny day, even in winter.  As well as making you more environmentally friendly, solar thermal panels you may be eligible for a grant and, if in Scotland, a zero percent loan from Home Energy Scotland.

All installation photographs on this web site are our own work, and are copyright.

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