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Quality installation = peace of mind.

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Borders Green Energy is a trade name of Borders Underfloor Heating Ltd., which was founded in 2000 as an underfloor heating installation company; the only one in the Scottish Borders at that time.  It has always been our ethos to expound the virtues of reducing fossil fuel use, so it was an  easy

Because we now provide so many renewable energy options, the company name of Borders Underfloor Heating no longer gives an accurate representation of what we do, hence the trading name of Borders Green Energy.  Since 2000 we have gained a reputation for quality products and services, as well as technical knowledge, expertise and reliability.  We're often told by clients that they wish all trades on their projects had been as conscientious and thorough.  We can't deny that our feathers fluff up a bit because we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have the best experience of working with us from the initial enquiry stage to commissioning.

decision to begin installing renewable energy systems from 2005.  We had retro-fitted solar thermal panels on our own home, which provided us with 300 litres of free hot water on their first full day of operation in February, so solar thermal panels were our first foray into renewables.  Clients began requesting heat pumps soon after, and because heat pumps and underfloor heating are a low temperature match made in heaven, it was the most natural thing to begin installing.  MVHR systems were introduced to our portfolio in 2010 when clients expressed their desire for a 'one-stop shop.'

Simon CURRIE - technical director

Simon is very creative with vast technical and hands-on knowledge of our products, their installation, and general building practice.  He is particularly keen to encourage home owners to be 'off grid' as much as possible.  He is happy to incorporate any permutation of technologies you may be considering, and design a bespoke system to provide the most energy efficient solution for your property.  He always gives knowledgeable advice on the most efficient option, even if that means we don't sell you a particular product or service.  "Quality comes as standard" is a phrase Simon lives up to with everything he  creates,

whether it's an industrial building, a home, conservatory, a bird table, or the best ground conditions for his organic and biodynamic fruit and veg.

Prior to founding the company in 2000, he was working as an industrial inspector in the oil, gas and nuclear industries.  This line of work required close attention to detail, and as a result Simon is meticulous in his work today.  He personally ensures that every system we install is up to his exacting standards, as you can see from the photos on our web sites and in our literature.  He goes to great lengths to ensure that the level of service we provide is up to the standard he would expect himself.


Pauline is a versatile individual, who joined the company in 2001 and is a real 'people person'.  Most often it's Pauline who answers the phone and you will find her helpful and friendly.  Clients have been known to call for moral support as the stresses of self-building take a grip.  In the early days Pauline used to lend a hand on-site laying UFH pipe, so she knows first-hand what's involved in installing it.  Her technical knowledge of underfloor heating is almost as in-depth as Simon's, so don't be shy to ask her technical questions.  Nowadays the office keeps her busy juggling a wide variety of  hats,  meaning  she's      

rarely on site, but even without hands-on knowledge of the renewable energy systems we install, she knows enough to be able to answer queries, and indeed, to have created our web sites almost single-handedly.

Pauline's background is varied, but immediately prior to joining Borders Underfloor Heating she worked offshore in the oil industry, setting up safety management and compliance administration systems.  Her mantra is "We leave our clients with a warm feeling."  She's been greener than a green thing from as far back as she can remember, and came up with the phrase, "Reduce your carbon footprint to a fingerprint" a few years ago as we expanded our range of services.


We have become specialists at working with self-builders, some of whom have come back to us for multiple projects over the years.

We deal with family companies and suppliers from within Scotland as much as possible.  We're passionate about caring for the environment and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint to more of a fingerprint as much as you will allow, without trying to 'just make the sale.'  We're here to help you, and the answer to the most simple question can make a big difference, so the sooner the communication of accurate information begins between ourselves and other trades involved in your project, the better.  Between us, we will work together towards a successful completion and your future comfort.

From our perspective we're all here to help each other enjoy life as much as possible, as well as to sustain life for future generations by taking care of the planet.  We actively encourage our customers to insulate their buildings as much as possible, and install appropriate renewable energy devices from the outset, or at least put everything in place to allow for adding them later.  We're also keen that your home is a healthy, cosy living environment in which you will thrive in every respect.  All in all, we'll care for your project as if it were our own.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for considering our company.  We wish you comfort, low fuel bills and prosperity in all things.

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