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Bring nature in.

Planning Ahead

Everyone works to a budget when it comes to designing a new house, but often something gets forgotten along the way.  Cupboard space!  In order for your heating equipment to be out of sight, it's necessary to include sufficient cupboard space to contain the underfloor heating manifold/s, DHW cylinder, DC/MVHR unit, heat pump (if ground source), and the pipework and electrical equipment to make it all work.  If they're included in the plan by your architect from the beginning, it saves having to make amendments in the future.

Details Required for Quotes

When requesting a quote we need various details about your project to allow us to calculate it accurately.  The information required is listed in each category below, and the button will take you to a printable pdf aide memoire, which gives additional detail.

Comparing Quotes

Comparing quotes can be a mine field but the links below give you some points to look out for.  For example, not all underfloor heating systems are the same, so it's good to get well informed.

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